Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire CEO

Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire CEO

by : Feathers

Billionaire  |  Length: 9:08:18  |  Completed
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Debby Alessandro received a sudden text from her fiancee that he had anulled their engagement. Terribly heartbroken, she ran to her bestfriend's house to cry out her sorrow but she unexpectedly saw her fiancee and her bestfriend having s*x.She felt like her heart was being butchured by an heartless murderer. Having no where else to run to, she landed in a club where she angrily and recklessly drank herself to stupor. She unexpectedly woke up naked beside a strange man.She immediately parked her stuff and left the country. She came back five years later with her handsome boy.She didn't expect for her son to get her in trouble by deflating one of the tires of a Mercedes-Maybach.How will she deal with the fact that the owner of the Mercedes-Maybach was not only her CEO but that he also has a striking resemblance with her son?

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