Mountain Manhattan: Mountain Man in the Big City

Mountain Manhattan: Mountain Man in the Big City

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 5:44:35  |  Completed
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❤️MOUNTAIN MANHATTAN: THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED, FULL-LENGTH, FRANKIE LOVE ROMANCE❤️ I work with my hands in the Colorado Rockies, forging metal into massive sculptures. I’m no Renaissance man— I’m simple—all I need is fresh air, solitude, and an honest day’s work. When I’m commissioned to install a piece of art in Central Park, I know the gig is too good to pass up. But the moment I arrive in Manhattan, where skyscrapers ruin the view, I’m longing for my cabin on the mountain. Then I meet Mia and the Big Apple changes before my very eyes. This city girl is working the front desk of the Mid-Manhattan Hotel when I check in and I can’t help but check her out. Dark hair, a laugh that fills the room, and curves that wind their way straight to my heart. It starts as a whirlwind romance—but it quickly grinds to a halt. Mia’s been given notice at her job and since she’s raising her siblings in the hotel’s basement—they need a place to live, too. Her life is complicated. And I don’t do complicated. I could survive in the wilderness for a long ass time—but I’m not lost in the woods. Right now, I’m trying to find my way out of this concrete jungle. Only trouble is, Mia is the detour I didn’t see coming. But she just might be the road that leads me home.

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