Rejected by the Beta: Book 3

Rejected by the Beta: Book 3

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 5:54:22  |  Completed
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When Isabel is kidnapped by the arrogant and handsome demon king, she proves to be a rebellious prisoner. But, even as she is determined to see him only as a villain, she can't help but feel her heart soften against the powerful demon king. However, amidst twists and turns, deception and truth, the wolf shifter begins to realize that all may not be as it seems. It might be only the demon who can keep her safe from her true enemies. In Book 3, Isabel has finally come to terms with her new status as the Righ—the balancer of the human world and the demon world—when her new life is whisked away. She finds herself locked in the demon king’s castle, far away from the friends and family she’d found among the Elves of the Shadow Forest. The demon king is cruel and unyielding, possessive of Isabel’s time and restrictive of her freedom. Despite her suffering, Isabel adapts to life in the demon caste. Despite herself, she shares moments of affection with the demon king. With insights from the castle staff, she discovers the hidden history of the Righ. Isabel can’t help but wonder what else the elves, her supposed protectors and friends, might be hiding from her. In a moment, her world turns upside down. Will Balin, once her love, become her enemy? Will Isabel uncover the truth and save her friends before it’s too late? Or will she be destined for a life of rejection? Book 4 in the series is also available!

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2023-02-16 03:32:21
Book 4 seems to have disappeared, disappointing to say the least
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2023-02-08 07:32:28
Love these books when will book 4 be out
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lena york

2023-01-21 08:56:58
is there going to be a fourth book or is there a fourth book
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