His Rejection, His Loss

His Rejection, His Loss

by : Tilly Giles

Werewolf  |  Length: 16:16:40  |  Ongoing
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When Fiona's heart is broken by her boyfriend and mate, Leland, who turns her down in front of their whole pack, she makes a courageous decision. She offers to take her sister Stella's place in a marriage that has been arranged with the powerful Alpha of the Silver Bow Pack, in order to save her sister from a loveless union. She has no idea that her choice will start a series of challenging events that will test her strength and push the limits of destiny. Will Fiona be successful, or will fate have something else in store? Delve into the pages and discover the exciting mysteries that lie within "His Rejection, His Loss."

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Elizabeth Hedrick

2024-05-07 20:29:50
I read your guys's comments. I'm not 100% sure I wanna listen to this now. I don't like Wimpy girls and I hate other girls who interfere when they don't need to be an alpha's that listen to them too. Unless it gets better. I just don't wanna waste money on it.
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Nikki Evans

2024-05-04 04:32:10
like seriously where's the updates like I don't want to be left on a damn cliffhanger this was getting so good too
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Anjenette Cardenas

2024-03-24 12:21:43
the narrator! annoying
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