Secrets of Wyoming

Secrets of Wyoming

by : Sadieperez9

Werewolf  |  Length: 14:05:44  |  Completed
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When Samantha Layne's world gets turned upside down and her marriage falls apart, there is only one place she can go. The family home in Wyoming. Alone and heartbroken, Samantha tries to start over in a new state, but when the hot new neighbor decides to start sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, Samantha receives the shock of a lifetime. As the secrets begin to unfold all around her, will Samantha be able to move past them and love again?

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Vany Oliveira

2023-07-27 08:01:11
can you tell me wich chapter is the one "getting acquainted"? I was reading on goodnovel.
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Jody Schwersinske

2023-06-10 01:16:39
dose the book continue
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