Timber Alpha

Timber Alpha

by : Marie Night

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:55:01  |  Completed
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(Completed) Octavia Lennox has always looked forward to the adventure and freedom that her 18th birthday would bring. Finding a mate was never a priority, nor was discovering parts of herself that she refused to acknowledge. Being an Alpha's daughter, and then sister however, didn't come without responsibilities, and when she meets the Timber Alpha she has some choices to make. **This 4 book series is COMPLETE -- Reading order: 1-Timber Alpha Ch 1-86, 2-Mated to Brianna, 3-Mylo (Timber Alpha Ch 89-172), 4-Alpha Heirs

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2023-09-09 09:07:11
I absolutely love this book! Who is the narrator? I love her voice and want to track down other books she’s done.
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Tina Cain

2022-12-27 06:58:56
I can’t find alpha heirs
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Jessica VanEpps

2022-12-03 02:06:34
It says book 1,2,3, and 4… where is book 3 & 4???
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Sarah Brown

2022-11-03 10:37:51
I just wonder when it is going to be updated seeing it hasnt been in months and still says on going
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2022-09-05 03:10:55
I like it, but I recommend the books to be separated or rearranged. “Mated to Brianna” happens in between the two stories in this book. So why isn’t “Brianna” attached to Timber Alpha rather than “Timber Alpha 2” (referring to the second book here)? Or why aren’t they all separate or all together?
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stephen burston

2022-04-22 18:46:02
great book
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