Snatched By The Alpha

Snatched By The Alpha

by : Natie

Werewolf  |  Length: 13:19:10  |  Completed
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“Please.” Lea whimpered when Manuel withdrew his hand. “Tell me, baby girl. Did your so-called mate make you feel this good? Hmmm?” Manuel whispered huskily. His deep baritone voice sent a pleasurable shiver down Lea’s spine. She shook her head repeatedly, arching her back in desperation and silently asking for more. “Words baby girl. Say what you want and I won’t stop until you trap my tongue deep within your hot core.” Waves of pleasure washed through Lea, her core aching with an unbearable need. Her eyes flashed a steely blue of her wolf’s, her claws extending and digging into the bed. “Just do it, dammit!!” She growled. ****************************Lea had been the Luna of the White cloud pack for five years until the Mafia don, Manuel, Alpha of the Dark Storm pack, stormed into her pack and claimed her as his outrageously. He was confident, oozing with dominance and knew exactly what he wanted. Her. He swept her off her feet and she fell harder than an avalanche on a stormy night. But just like every other too-good-to-be-true love story, things were not as they seem. Alpha Manuel surely had some deadly secrets. Will Lea be able to handle her Alpha’s truth? Or will knowing why he chose her break her beyond repair?

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