The Billionaire's Substitute Ex-Wife Returns

The Billionaire's Substitute Ex-Wife Returns

by : Michaela Gates

Billionaire  |  Length: 3:37:18  |  Ongoing
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“You were everything, but her, Sienna.” “You shouldn't have married me then if you knew that you'd feel this way!" She snapped. “I married you out of pity, aren't you grateful? I saved you from the pathetic life that you were living and thought that you deserved a decent living, you don't have to act like the spoiled brat that you are.” “I can't believe I thought you were a man. You're no man Sebastian Frost, but a heartless monster!” *** Sienna is left heartbroken after her divorce from Sebastian, who had married her as a substitute wife. After five years, Sienna returns to New York a changed woman with twins who are five years old and a man. She did not expect to see her ex-husband, Sebastian Frost, hotter than ever. And not only has he gotten hotter than ever, but he also wants her back. But a nemesis from the past will not live to see that happen, nor the secrets that were meant to be left behind. Will Sienna forgive Sebastian after all that he did to her?

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