The Devil's Advocate: Devil's Playground Duet, Book Two

The Devil's Advocate: Devil's Playground Duet, Book Two

by : Ashley Jade

Romance  |  Length: 8:10:29  |  Completed
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This is the final book in the two-book duet. Book one must be read first. "Deliciously dark, riveting, spell-binding. Ms. Jade had me frantically flipping pages until the perfect end. This series will be a favorite of mine and not just for 2019" -USA Today Bestselling author, Kate Stewart. "I devoured this book and enjoyed every sizzling sexy detail. It's dark and gritty with a touch of suspense blended with erotic sex and delicious angst." New York Times Bestselling author, Tabatha Vargo. One man thinks I'm a saint. The other thinks I'm a sinner. One man lives in the public eye. The other lurks in the shadows. One man wants to use me for his own needs. The other wants to use me for his revenge. One man will get what's coming to him. The other will get what he deserves. They told me good girls get rewarded. But I've been bad. Very bad. I made a deal with The Devil...and I liked it. Please note: This story contains content that may be offensive to some readers.

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2023-02-17 06:31:18
This 2 book series was amazing!!! There was good ending! I usually can guess the ending BUT this one was a good twist!!!!! Well worth the read!!! ...
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Colastica Tica Rea

2022-11-08 01:50:39
wonderful book wow best book I ever read enjoyed it allot.
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