The First Mountain Man: The Clan, Volumes 1-4

The First Mountain Man: The Clan, Volumes 1-4

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 7:37:25  |  Completed
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It's time to travel to a prehistoric paradise in this four book box set! This may be a little far-fetched, but darling, you deserve something extraordinary! CAVE MAN He’s Feral, grumpy, and hot ashell. And his hands can do more than build a fire— they’ll give her the heat she craves. CAVE MAN NEEDS WIFE When a woman arrives, she thinks she’s time-travelled to a prehistoric nightmare. I think she’s finally come home. CAVE MAN MAKE BABY She think our future depends on hatching this egg we found. Me? The only thing I want is her. CAVE MEN She’s found herself two growly ass men with one thing on their mind: forever.

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