The Mountain Man's Mail-Order Bride: Complete Edition

The Mountain Man's Mail-Order Bride: Complete Edition

by : Frankie Love

Romance  |  Length: 6:02:35  |  Completed
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Three mountain men with one goal in mind: finding a wife! The Mountain Man’s Muse When River orders a wife, he’s hoping she’ll cure his writer’s block.But when he meets his bride, he knows she’s more than a quick-fix— she’s his muse. The Mountain Man’s Cure When Harrison orders a bride, he’s hoping Hannah can accept him—scars and all.But when a storm forces them to his cabin before exchanging vows there are no guarantees that she’ll stay put once she discovers who he really is. The Mountain Man’s North Star When Alaskan native Sullivan orders a bride, he’s not planning on falling in love.A recent transplant to his childhood home in the middle of nowhere, he wants company.More than company—he wants a woman in his bed every damn day.

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