Watch Out, CEO Daddy!

Watch Out, CEO Daddy!

by : Wine Warms The Flowers

Romance  |  Length: 143:52:33  |  Ongoing
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On the night of her wedding, unsightly photos of hers were leaked by her best friend, leading her to become the joke of the town. Five years later, she returned with a son with an unknown father, only to bump into an enlarged version of her child! As the cold and handsome man looked at the mini-version of himself, he squinted threateningly and said, “Woman, how dare you run away with my child?”She shook her head innocently in response, “I’m not sure what’s going on either…”At this moment, the little one stood out and stared at the stranger man. “Who’s this rascal bullying my mother? You’ll first have to get past me if you wanna lay a hand on her!”

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2022-08-14 23:01:37
This book is getting good
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2022-08-14 21:07:40
Sally voice is irritating I hate when she’s speaking
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Michel Vela

2022-06-23 09:27:05
when are we gonna get the rest of this book
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