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The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

goodfm by: Lord Leaf

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    Olashubomi Darasimi

    2022-09-18 17:13:42

    i only have chapter 1200 where did you get 4000plus

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    Angela Barnett

    2022-09-10 08:47:32

    yes I do enjoy the story

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    Angela Barnett

    2022-09-10 08:45:50

    it is foolish we should read for free you let us read so far and now you are asking us to pay to finish the book better you didn't put it on line and sell it in the store

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    Richard Lasaleta

    2022-08-22 06:17:14

    Good reading thank you

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    Pat Monych

    2022-08-20 04:59:36

    It was an interesting enough story that I expected to join and keep reading Approaching the conclusion I was definitely angered after invited to get this story for free to find you want me to pay for what you offered for FREE. I’m deleting your app and won’t be joining after all. Shame on you.

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    lindiwe mbekeani

    2022-08-19 23:07:42

    I love the story, very intriguing, never underestimate some because of how the look

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    Makies Dehfer

    2022-08-06 23:09:58

    it's nice story and it tells you that never underestimate somebody in this world

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    Smily Mhariece A. Alibania

    2022-08-05 02:29:48

    its a nice story

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    Lionel Lotts

    2022-08-04 07:58:17

    It’s a nice catch

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    Joke Adesuyi

    2022-07-20 15:38:27

    very interesting and intriguing story


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