The Charismatic Charlie Wade Reviews

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

goodfm by: Lord Leaf

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    Amiria Reu Tepaki

    2023-02-07 03:01:16

    where can I buy the book instead

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    2023-01-26 13:43:39

    This is awesome, I wish I could buy the entire book

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    Marcus Harris

    2023-01-25 13:02:25

    this is a great book and Charlie is extremely funny if I was in this situation I think I would be the same way but 3 years without sleeping with your wife I don't know about that one

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    Habiba Hadi

    2023-01-23 18:41:41


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    2023-01-22 00:17:10

    Awesome, very suspenseful

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    2023-01-18 13:28:15

    how often are new chapters uploaded?

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    Debbie Kenrick

    2023-01-17 16:40:44

    love the book as much as I have read

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    2023-01-13 17:29:42

    very good

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    Danna Richardson

    2023-01-10 06:36:21

    I love this book on another platform I have got to chapter 2942 but I like the reader on this platform

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    2022-12-04 21:21:43

    I feel like I got robbed ever since I started listening. I love the book but I paid a nice amount of money and the chapters get shorter… Am I being scammed?


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