Alpha Logan

Alpha Logan

by : Bryant

Werewolf  |  Length: 13:52:52  |  Completed
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Aurelia - I live a pretty normal and happy life. But nothing exciting ever seems to happen. I was getting restless. I wanted something new. I wanted an adventure. I don't even know why I picked Camp Okwaho'kenha to spend my summer. But something told me I needed to go there. But now that I'm here I'm starting to think I bit off more than I can chew. This isn't the adventure I thought I would get. I wasn't ready for all this. I wasn't ready for this danger. I wasn't ready for these secrets. And I certainly wasn't ready for him… for Alpha Logan. Logan - I am the Alpha of one of the largest packs in North America. I have proven many times over that I am a strong and capable Alpha. I don't need a Luna. I don't want one either. I loved once and ended up heartbroken. I will never love again. The moon goddess however has other plans. I came to Camp Okwaho'kenha to put an end to the poaching on my territory. I didn't expect to find my mate.This is the first of the Bloodmoon Pack series. All books in the series can be read as standalone.Bloodmoon Pack:Book 1 - Alpha LoganBook 2- Beta's Surprise MateBook 3- The Reluctant AlphaNovella - The Hunted Hunter (Coming Spring 2022)Book 4 - The Genius Delta (Coming Summer 2022)Novella - Seducing the Bloodmoon Princess (Coming Fall 2022)Incubi Pack:Book 1- Alpha of NightmaresBook 2- The Hybrid Alpha (New Release)Book 3 - Dream Mate (Coming Summer 2022)Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (Coming Fall 2022)

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