Bliss: Entangled Hearts Duet, Book Two

Bliss: Entangled Hearts Duet, Book Two

by : Kaylee Ryan

Romance  |  Length: 6:06:20  |  Completed
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Cooper Reese Latham was about to make the biggest mistake of her life. At eight-years-old, we vowed to be best friends for the rest of our lives, thinking nothing could ever change that. We were both wrong— we made mistakes, and grew apart. Until I realized living without her wasn’t an option. I was almost too late... but I wouldn’t stand by and watch her walk down the aisle to another man. She might not choose me, but I’ll spend the rest of my life proving I’m all in. Reese Every step I take towards my happy ending takes me further away from my best friend. Leave it to Cooper Reeves to wait until I’m about to say “I Do” before he finally admits how he feels. It’s not his confession that has me doubting myself. It’s my heart. Because I know deep down, it’s him... it’s always been him. I was crazy to think I could live without Cooper because sharing forever with my best friend is the best kind of bliss.

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