Broken Mate

Broken Mate

by : Jessica Jones

Werewolf  |  Length: 11:13:52  |  Completed
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***Completed just editing***She is not what anyone expected. She lived in fear for so long it ruled her. She was strong and hated to be judged. She finds herself and her destiny. She will not let anyone bring her down not her past and not her mate. She is Ireland Barton.He thought what was important was to be the strong Alpha his pack needed. He did not like people to see weakness in him. He judged to quickly and it could cost him everything. Will he make the right decision or will it be too late? By the time he realizes what real strength is will he have lost it all? He is Young Alpha Oliver Silver.***This book will not be a classic love story. This will not be a story where the mate bond draws them together well maybe not at first. There will be triggers for sexual, physical, and emotional abuse through out this book. You may at times even hate the main characters. ***

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Frannie Kellison

2023-05-27 08:05:44
love this book. looking forward to Olivia's story.
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Mary Joy Gutierrez

2023-04-07 15:05:32
When is Olivia's story will be released?
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Dominique Fifer

2022-12-31 09:00:21
Good to hear actual narrators instead of a robot. I finished this story because I spent so much on this. It was good... I guess, but I was a bit disappointed that the "strong" female lead was allowed to crave an abusive relationship.
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Chrystal Park

2022-12-09 05:11:43
waiting on the update
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Heron-Edwards Joyette Diiva

2022-12-06 20:03:01
this is stupid it takes this long to update
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2022-11-25 20:08:47
this book was heartbreaking but the way it ended didn't clear anything up it just stopped will there be any more of the book or
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