Dearest Princess

Dearest Princess

by : Dainty

Billionaire  |  Length: 16:51:17  |  Ongoing
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"Save me, and you'll get 100 million dollars!"Larissa Solace accidentally saves a man. Her reward? 100 million dollars as well as Ambrose Hamilton, the man whom she just saved."Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Hamilton said she wants to buy a luxury goods store!""She can use my card for that.""Oh no! Mrs. Hamilton punched someone in the nose!""Why didn't you punch that person for her?""Mister, that celeb is so hot! Can I become his fan?""Sure thing."That night, Larissa buys a train ticket and flees the city overnight. "Screw you for saying that, Ambrose!"Before Larissa meets Ambrose, her life is a pathetic mess because her sister has stolen everything from her. After that fateful meeting, she finds herself getting pampered like a princess.

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