Her Destined Alpha

Her Destined Alpha

by : Moonlight Muse

Werewolf  |  Length: 18:54:35  |  Completed
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Born from darkness, Delsanra Silver grew up knowing nothing but pain and suffering, even her own kind treated her as an outcast.Running from the coven who so madly craves her power, she finds herself accidentally crashing straight into the arms of none other than Rayhan Rossi, the future Alpha of the Black Storm Pack. Never would she have expected that her savior, would come in the form of one of the very races she's tried so desperately to evade. What will happen when the dangerously young Alpha claims she is his Destined Mate? Will their love have a chance to blossom... or will their differences tear them apart?-He brushed my hair behind my ear as he moved closer, his warm breath fanning my face. "You’re beautiful Delsanra, I’ve never seen anyone more ravishing in my life. And the best part is... you were made for me. You’re mine to claim, and I won’t rest until I make you mine."I couldn’t respond. This contact was making my body react weirdly, the urge to yield was consuming me. His nose brushed my neck and a small whimper left my lips. All I could think of was his seductive scent, the way his touch felt…"Oh, and one more thing…" His voice was husky and the heat between my legs was growing. I gasped when his hand cupped my knee, only making that ache throb harder. "You smell divine."-Book 3 of The Alpha Series Book 1 - Her Forbidden Alpha Book 2 - Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

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