Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

by : Hillary

Billionaire  |  Length: 18:24:32  |  Updated just now
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"I'm a master at laundry and cooking, whether it's fast food, Japanese cuisine, or a French feast. What would you like to eat first? Marry me, and I guarantee you'll be blessed with delicious meals every day, Mr. Getson. So, will you marry me?""Sure!"After learning from the failure of her first marriage, Nancy only wanted an ordinary man to spend her life with during her second marriage. However, much to her surprise, her new husband, Yaacob, is revealed to be the primary heir to the country's most substantial fortune. When Nancy found out about this, her world turned upside down. Such wealth and privilege!After their marriage, Yaacob looked at the bland bowl of pasta before him and asked, "What happened to the French feast and Japanese cuisine you promised?"Hearing this, the woman in front of him swiftly untied her apron, raised one of her alluring legs, and casually sat on the table, "Would you prefer French cuisine, or me?"Yaacob, reminiscing about the previous night, replied, "You, of course!"

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