My Alpha's Mark

My Alpha's Mark

by : JP Sina

Werewolf  |  Length: 22:10:31  |  Completed
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Kacie is used to keeping to herself. She has been a slave to Ken, the Blood Moon packs Alpha for the past year. She has no dreams of escaping but as the abuse worsens she prays to the Goddess for a way out. Alpha Viktor is the Alpha of one of the largest packs and doesn’t want or have the time for a mate. When he sees Alpha Ken’s arms wrapped around her waist he sees red. Could the Moon Goddess be so cruel as to present his mate to him in the arms of another? !! Mature Content Warning: Not for readers under 18 !! Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault, physical abuse, and rape. If this isn't something you can read this isn't the book for you.

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Amber Perry

2023-02-11 04:52:06
this girl reading can't seem to pronounce gamma or beta properly..... at least she can say alpha properly!
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2022-07-05 16:37:38
I don’t mean to be mean- but this guys voice is a little creepy & it sounds like he’s trying to hard to get that raspy quality
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2022-05-13 11:58:20
I guess we’re not going to get the rest of the book
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2022-05-13 11:57:01
I love the voice of the narrator for Victor he sounds like he’s Irish
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Tricia Wrabiutza

2022-05-12 02:10:46
when will there be new chapters??? have been waiting so long!!
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Marcener Gilbert

2022-05-04 19:47:19
more please
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