My True Alpha: Book #5 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

My True Alpha: Book #5 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 3:25:06  |  Completed
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From paranormal romance author Bella Lore comes a collection of nine epic novellas, guaranteed to make your heart swoon and your jaw drop. In Book #5, MY TRUE ALPHA, Samantha has always been a bit of a rebel. Yet, her life stays the same as it ever was. Until, for the first time in Samantha’s life, someone in the pack issues a Challenge. Gutsy, brave Rafael challenges the Alpha to a duel. When Rafael wins, he upsets the hierarchy of the entire pack and becomes the new Alpha. And while he’s stirring tensions, something begins to stir in Samantha’s heart. She can’t seem to forget the strong and charming rebel who overthrew a nation. But the old Alpha won’t let an outsider take over that easily. As tensions rise, Samantha can’t help but get involved. Because Samantha thinks Rafael might just be her true mate. Books #6-#9 in the series—PROMISED TO THE ALPHA, THE ALPHA’S BRIDE, THE ALPHA’S DESIRE, and THE LUNA’S CHOICE—are now also available!

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