The Alpha's Hidden Child

The Alpha's Hidden Child

by : Sand Kastle

Werewolf  |  Length: 14:33:58  |  Completed
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Emery Holly Halifax is the most beautiful lass across the Northern Packs. Due to her blinding beauty, she was imprisoned by the Beta’s family and forced to become their slave. However, all of that changes in one fateful night—Alpha Kairo’s birthday. Kairo Huxley Ford is feared by the entire country due to his impeccable strength. Paired with his cold demeanor, he was given the title, “The Alpha of Alphas.” On the night of his 18th birthday, he did not expect to meet the mysterious beauty, let alone find out that they are actually mates! Drunken by each other’s pheromones, Kairo and Emery share a lustful night, ignorant to the fact that Alpha Kairo already has a long-term girlfriend. Just as Emery loses hope in their relationship, she shockingly discovers that she is pregnant! Thinking that it would be best for her to share the news with Kairo, she plans an announcement party. But what if, on the night of her announcement, Kairo’s long term girlfriend declares that she is also pregnant? Forced to keep her secret, Emery runs away from Blood Shadow Pack and uncovers the astonishing secrets of her identity. A story filled with powerful enemies, malicious intents, and untold secrets. Will Alpha Kairo find out about his hidden child, or will Emery’s secret stay hidden in the dark?

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