The Shadow Alpha

The Shadow Alpha

by : Kajal Haripersad

Werewolf  |  Length: 11:34:46  |  Completed
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His eyes locked with mine and I could feel the strength of the mate bond gnawing at me, but I forced it down. Devin eyed me with annoyance and prominent in his gorgeous grey eyes. “Alpha Devin, this is my daughter.” Papa Jamie said with pride in his voice. Devin gave him a weird look, but turned to me instead. Before he could speak, I cut him off with a surveying look from head to toe. He was still as hot as hell if not more; his body was more built and his face more chiseled than before. He looked all man and sued me for finding it sexy. mate bond. My eyes were void of emotion as I looked at the pack that flanked him and back into his stormy grey eyes. I stuck out my hand with a smirk on my face, “Welcome to the Blue Moon Pack.” He grasped my hand and shocks ran up my arm and through my body as it did his causing his eyes to widen, but before he could react, I continued. “I am Alpha Allison Trust Wells.” My tone oozed confidence and mirth. I heard a few gasps, but the biggest reaction I got was from Devin whose eyes widened in shock. A story of hurt, betrayal and second chances in a world of mystical creatures. Allison is a young Shewolf with a gift from the Goddess Selene. Join her as she navigates the web of secrets and lies weaved by the people she once thought of as family and learns forgiveness. Not all second chances are started on a clean slate...

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Tammy Rector

2023-04-19 22:06:49
Good book! GoodNovel has book 2 The Moon Goddess' Mate. I am way to impatient to wait for the audio version lol
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Kim Smith

2022-10-10 00:59:53
can't even get thru chapter one narrator is terrible
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Elizabeth Hedrick

2022-04-27 23:13:12
I haven't started reading this yet it looks interesting I'm going to but I was curious is there going to be a second one
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: # JULIE !!!

2022-04-15 20:11:42
sounds like it will be a good read!
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Kimberly Johns-Randles

2022-03-03 12:10:55
I love this book! I look forward to the next one!...
user avatar

Stephanie Himes

2022-02-06 14:03:16
the book was amazing I can't wait for book 2
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