The Forgotten Village: Rosemary Grey Cozy Mysteries, Book Three

The Forgotten Village: Rosemary Grey Cozy Mysteries, Book Three

by : Tracy Donley

Thriller&Suspense  |  Length: 4:35:07  |  Completed
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A murderous past… Can come back to haunt you. It’s almost spring in Paperwick, Connecticut, and Rosemary Grey has never felt more content. Her job teaching history at the local university is fun and challenging and she’s all settled into her cozy cottage on Jack and Charlie’s farm. She’s made a whole host of friends in the tiny New England village, and is most definitely falling in love with the adorable Seth Maguire. But when the university calls and asks Rosemary to fill in for a fellow history professor who didn’t show up to work, she would never dream that she’s just about to stumble into investigating a sinister mystery—or that the case will take her, along with Jack, Charlie, and Seth, to the outskirts of town where the Forgotten Village, a relic of Colonial America, still haunts the woods. Will history repeat itself before she can solve the crime? Find out in this intriguing Cozy Mystery!

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