The Lycan's Unexpected Warrior Luna!

The Lycan's Unexpected Warrior Luna!

by : Lockness

Werewolf  |  Length: 55:02:26  |  Ongoing
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Yasmine is a simple village girl who is a little different from everyone else. She doesn't like her proper place as she would rather train to fight like a warrior than wash smelly, dirty clothes or be locked away in a kitchen somewhere like the other girls. Every five years, her village is invaded by what the Elders refer to as the beasts. They ransack everything and kidnap a selected few of the young villages that have just reached or are about to reach their eighteenth year. No one knows what happens to them as they were never seen again. How will Yasmine react when the beasts come for her and the Alpha of the beasts claims her as his own? With human hunters roaming the woods, Rival Packs wanting revenge, Friends and Ex-Lovers causing trouble, Will they overcome each obstacle that is thrown at them and come together as one?Or will they be torn apart??? ** Warning ** This story contains some violence, mature language, and mature scenes. Please read at your own discretion.

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