Born To Be My Luna

Born To Be My Luna

by : Alora Sterling

Werewolf  |  Length: 17:32:08  |  Completed
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"I, Easton Braylle, son of Norman Braylle and future alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, hereby reject you, Catherine the Slave, to be my mate." Catherine had lost her memories due to trauma from the attack as a child and had been enslaved since the day her parents died at the mere age of 10, or so she thought. She had been bullied, mocked, and tormented after Norman's followers brought her to him forcefully just when she attempted to escape. 8 years later, she discovers who her mate is from the Silver Moon Pack. But that person rejected her after that night...tying her up and throwing her into a cage . But something happened that she least expected...Her memories came flooding back and she met two hot werewolves who both turned out to be her mates!Will she be able to resist the hottest, strongest, most dangerous Alpha alive or the incredibly handsome, super kind, and gentleman Beta of Blood Moon Pack? In the end, she only has to choose one mate to give her love. Who is it going to be??? BOOKS- Born To Be My Luna ( COMPLETED). Alpha's Cursed Luna (ONGOING). Alpha Hunter (ONGOING).

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