Beta's Surprise Mate

Beta's Surprise Mate

by : Bryant

Werewolf  |  Length: 13:54:31  |  Completed
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John: I was supposed to be the Alpha. I was supposed to find my mate first. How did my life come to this? A mateless 33-year-old virgin, okay, that part is my choice, helping plan my little brother"s wedding. And if that's not bad enough, I think my wolf has lost his mind or sense of smell. There's no way this human florist is my mate.Sarael: Being a small business owner is never easy, even less when you're a woman of color. But I love my little flower shop. I love it even more because it's half a world away from my family. I've lived relatively peacefully till John Kinsley of THE Kinsleys walked into my store. The man is by far the sexiest man I've ever seen. But he's also driving me crazy with this hot and cold attitude.This is a sequel to Alpha Logan. You do not need to have read Alpha Logan to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged.Bloodmoon Pack:Book 1 - Alpha LoganBook 2- Beta's Surprise MateBook 3- The Reluctant AlphaNovella - The Hunted Hunter (Coming Spring 2022)Book 4 - The Genius Delta (Coming Summer 2022)Novella - Seducing the Bloodmoon Princess (Coming Fall 2022)Incubi Pack:Book 1- Alpha of NightmaresBook 2- The Hybrid Alpha (New Release)Book 3 - Dream Mate (Coming Summer 2022)Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (Coming Fall 2022)

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net Arnold

2023-10-18 17:11:39
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Sonya Delaney

2023-08-09 00:11:58
I really wish I could find out who the narrator is that plays John. I really really enjoy listening to him.
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