Bound to the Alpha: Book #1 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

Bound to the Alpha: Book #1 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 3:18:48  |  Completed
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From paranormal romance author Bella Lore comes a collection of nine epic novellas, guaranteed to make your heart swoon and your jaw drop. In Book #1, BOUND TO THE ALPHA, Keira is madly in love with Troy, the gorgeous Alpha of her pack. The only problem: Keira is a lowly Omega, and he won’t pay any attention to her. In fact, he bullies her, along with everyone else. But one day everything changes, and Keira, after a mysterious encounter in the woods, might just find her fortune turned around. Can a lowly Omega hope for greatness? Will Keira find her true mate? Books #2-#9 in the series—DESIRED BY THE ALPHA, FALLING FOR THE ROGUE, MATED TO THE ALPHA, MY TRUE ALPHA, PROMISED TO THE ALPHA, THE ALPHA’S BRIDE, THE ALPHA’S DESIRE, and THE LUNA’S CHOICE—are now also available!

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Barbara Cook

2023-05-16 13:48:02
This book is all over the place. She was a Luna of her old pack? Omega of the new pack, presumably mated to the alpha but then finds Cole that she thinks is her mate. I'm really confused. The flow of the book is awful and choppy.
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