Bratva Wolves Collection

Bratva Wolves Collection

by : J. Tarr

Werewolf  |  Length: 29:43:05  |  Completed
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Four Brothers. Four Stories. One Pack. Kai, Konstantin, Dimitri and Nikolai - The Volkov Brothers rule New York, not only as a Russian Mafia family but also as The BloodCrest Pack.Book one follows Alpha Kai, known as the Beast Of New York, Russian Mafia leader and Alpha of the Blood Crest pack - and he's come to claim timid and abused Caterina as his mate. Terrible rumours surround Kai and his pack of bloodthirsty wolves, but as Caterina gets to know her mate better and realises that he is not the monster he is made out to be. So what exactly turned Kai into the beast he's known as?In Book 2 we meet Konstantin, known as The Heartless Beta. He never cared for love or finding his mate as the Beta to the Alpha God. Who needs a mate when you have a pack to protect? However, when scentless, halfbreed Lily stepped into his life, everything seemed to fall into place. What will Konstantin do once he discovers the scentless, half breed wolf is pregnant with his prophesied firstborn and has been his mate all along...And she's being held prisoner by a creature even older than the Werewolf God Xamnir?Book 3 Parts 1 and 2 sees Nikolai and Dimitri both thinking that keeping away from their fated mates during the war is what’s best for them. But is their willpower stronger than Fate? Staring at temptation for so long will only make you crave it more, this is something both Nikolai and Dimitri will find out soon enough.

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