My True Mate: Book 5

My True Mate: Book 5

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 5:19:34  |  Completed
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After everything they’ve been through, after the wars and fights, after the lies and alliances, Sarah and Lucas are finally together. They fought for each other’s love, and they won. There’s still much to heal from, but this new chapter offers them new surprises and new allies—fairies, a group of people they never expected to meet. Sarah and Lucas, and their son Fergus, are delighted by the fairies’ friendship and the magic they bring. But the rest of the pack isn’t so sure. Can the fairies be trusted? Fears deepen, especially as fairies and wolves alike begin disappearing. Yet only the wolves reappear—brutally murdered and skinned of their fur. Amidst devastating tragedy, Sarah and Lucas must rekindle their bond and resurrect their love. And above all, they must ensure the unity of the pack. Can Sarah and Lucas stop the murders before another wolf is taken? Or will their son, Fergus, be next?

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