Rejected And Reclaimed

Rejected And Reclaimed

by : Jenna Ann

Werewolf  |  Length: 4:12:50  |  Completed
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Lilith Conner was by all means not a normal 17 year old girl. She has had her fair share of fate and is tired but continues to keep striving forward. All of which is happening in a small town in South Texas. From having her family slaughtered in front of her at the age of 5 to being a outcast in her own Pack. Yes, Lilith Conner is in fact a werewolf, or is supposed to be since she hasn’t been able to Shift everyone says otherwise. Will Lilith live as she is or will destiny have another plan for her?

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Teresa Christianson

2023-02-08 00:54:18
there is no way this book could be completed, not by the way it left off
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Sara Holbrook

2023-02-06 05:22:27
what the name of the frist book because is good x
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2022-10-13 00:14:09
I’m only 7 chapters in, but I just have to review it! Sure, the story is good, but the narrators are excellent! First book I’ve listened to on here where both male and female narrators are fully immersive with all the voices! Love it!
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Melissa Lasure

2022-09-07 03:57:40
love this book
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2022-09-05 03:48:38
This is an interesting story I like how the voices the main female voice is very enthusiastic, the male voice can get confusing because it changed with the different male characters but about half way through the book and enjoying it a lot!
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Butterflies Valdez

2022-09-04 17:59:03
I have mixed feeling about the voice. The story isnt going bad however it's interesting. But I'll give it a try.
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