The Alpha’s Bride: Book #7 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

The Alpha’s Bride: Book #7 in 9 Novellas by Bella Lore

by : Bella Lore

Werewolf  |  Length: 4:24:52  |  Completed
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From paranormal romance author Bella Lore comes a collection of nine epic novellas, guaranteed to make your heart swoon and your jaw drop. In Book #7, THE ALPHA’S BRIDE, everything Danielle has ever known changes in an instant when, on her eighteenth birthday, the Alpha arranges her a mate. Danielle has always wanted a mate—someday—but she just turned eighteen. Danielle argues that she’s too young, that she’s not ready. But no one can argue with the Alpha. So Danielle accepts her fate and prepares to meet her mate. But nothing could prepare her for who her mate is: Cameron. Not only is he from outside of their pack, but, to Danielle’s greatest disbelief, he is an Alpha. Cameron is a good man and a strong leader. But his true mate, the former leader, recently died, and he is still grieving. Danielle feels an instant connection, and she can’t understand why he is unable to reciprocate her feelings. Soon, Danielle finds herself caught amidst emotions deeper than she’s ever experienced before. Can Danielle help the Alpha move onto this new love? Or, at only eighteen years old, is she destined to a lifelong grief? Books #8 and #9 in the series—THE ALPHA’S DESIRE and THE LUNA’S CHOICE—are now also available!

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