The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)

The Alpha's Surprised Mate (Book #1 of Silver Moon Series)

by : Saphyre_Dragyn

Werewolf  |  Length: 24:31:43  |  Completed
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Mykayla believed she was a normal human even if she lived in a world with supernatural beings. After moving to a new state and city for a fresh start with her younger sister she is into the supernatural world even more than before. After her new boss turns out to be her mate she finds she is the target of a revenge plot. However, what she doesn't know is that a much higher power is going to help her pack protect their luna. Soon family secrets are revealed and she finds out that she and her sister are the daughters of a god. Soon the pack has goddesses assisting to protect and the beta of the pack happens to be the mate of one of the goddesses. New allies join the pack and even more secrets and powers are revealed. While this alpha thought that he found his mate in an ordinary human woman, never did he in his wildest dreams know what surprises his mate had for him.

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2023-05-14 20:37:15
Love this book cant wait for the next
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Brittany Begley

2023-03-19 11:04:35
when are they going to do the next book
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Kirsten malm

2023-02-01 14:02:50
love this book there are more books does anyone know the names of the other books and if they have the same narrators for them
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Erica Smith

2023-01-11 08:10:48
This book is funny, sexy, and action packed. I have listened to it several times. The sex scenes are steamy and very explicit and it’s quite a few of them but it doesn’t take away from the book at all. The author found a good balance in this book and am really looking forward to her next book ...
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Deandra Hewity

2022-10-02 10:16:33
i love this book need more of the series for it can u recommend the others for it one of the best audio books i have ever listen to congrats on a job will done..
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2022-09-14 22:00:32
The voice of the male characters are also in Her Cold Hearted Alpha.
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