The Alphas' Corn Star Mate

The Alphas' Corn Star Mate

by : C. Hazlewood

Werewolf  |  Length: 12:17:54  |  Ongoing
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Chloe wakes up after a year long coma to find her alpha mate sleeping with a woman in her very room. After running away, her plan for revenge begins. One year later, when she is ready to finally reject and release herself and her former mate from the constant pain of their betrayals, it is in the act of her final revenge that she finds her second-chance mate. Her partner starring with her in her last film is not only her second chance mate, but they both soon find that his twin brother is too

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Sharifa F

2024-03-15 00:51:01
This was a very well written story and would love to hear book 2. Where is book 2 and title? Great author and great story line.
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Čila Gabrić

2024-02-21 10:43:06
I read this and the second book... It is different and rollercoaster events and emotion, not for the faint hearted
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