Twin Alpha's abused mate

Twin Alpha's abused mate

by : Veronica Black

Werewolf  |  Length: 7:41:43  |  Ongoing
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The evening of her 18th birthday Liberty's wolf comes forward and frees the young slave from the abusive Alpha Kendrick. He should have known he was playing with fire, waiting for the girl to come of age before he claimed her. He knew if he didnt, she would most likely die. The pain and suffering she had already endured at his hands would be the tip of the iceburg if her wolf, Justice, didnt help her break free. LIberty wakes up in the home of The Alpha twins from a near by pack, everyone knows the Blacks are even more depraved than Alpha Kendrick. Liberty's life seems to be one cruel joke after another. How has she managed to escape one abuser and land right in the bed of two monsters?

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