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Easy, Mr. Bigshot
Easy, Mr. Bigshot
The night before my wedding, I caught my fiance, Liam, in bed with my best friend. That really sucked. So, as revenge, I slept with Liam’s boss, Jethro. After getting pregnant with Jethro’s child, I coerced him into taking me as his wife. Alas, life as a trophy wife wasn’t as expected. I decided to call it quits, but Jethro squashed that thought and declared, “Serena Hart, you are mine. Forever.”
101.8K viewsOngoing
Hot Texas Sunrise: A Coldwater Texas Novel, Book 2
Hot Texas Sunrise: A Coldwater Texas Novel, Book 2
Delores Fossen Romance
Love was the last thing on this untamed cowboy’s mind…until she stole his heart away. Cleo Delaney will do anything to keep her promise and raise her best friend’s sons—even if it means telling a little white lie to the state to keep them. Cleo turns to the only person she can trust to help her—her first love, Judd Laramie. If he fosters the three young brothers in name only, she’ll do all the heavy lifting. It’s a foolproof plan…but she never imagined that the feelings they once shared would return. With a vengeance. Texas deputy Judd Laramie is stunned by Cleo’s request. Being a dad—even on paper—is the last thing this cowboy needs right now. But no one knows better than Judd how flawed the foster system is and how much these brothers need Cleo’s protective love. What starts as a simple lie becomes so much more, and soon it’s clear Judd needs Cleo and the family they’ve created as much as they need him. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to win Cleo’s heart and claim the future they all deserve.
01.5K viewsCompleted
Slap Shot: Bryant: Nashville Sound (Book Two)
Slap Shot: Bryant: Nashville Sound (Book Two)
Alicia Hunter Pace Romance
Two deeply scarred souls struggle with forbidden feelings in this heartfelt second novel in the Nashville Sound series. Life has taught defenseman Bryant Taylor never to look back and never to get serious about a woman. His ill, pregnant wife died while he was off playing an away game, leaving him—and both their families—heartbroken. Jokes and puck bunnies are his style now, and he’s sticking to it. Gabriella Charbonnet has idolized her brother Emile since he rescued her from their violently abusive father when she was eleven—and he’s supported her ever since. He even agreed to play for the Sound so that she could apprentice as a pastry chef in nearby Beauford, Tennessee. When Bryant and Gabriella find themselves thrown together at a society fundraiser, sparks fly. But Gabriella wants nothing to do with hockey players, aside from her brother, who just so happens to be Bryant’s best friend. The first rule of the bro code? Don’t mess with sisters. There are plenty of reasons why starting a relationship would be all kinds of wrong, yet walking away from each other doesn’t prove to be as easy as they thought. Sensuality Level: Sensual
01.0K viewsCompleted

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