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    Lisa Houser

    2021-11-12 10:39:00

    Nyra didn't ask him anything she told him

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    Eliza Beth

    2021-11-11 17:08:00

    Don’t go there

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    Tameka Gibson

    2021-11-11 13:16:00

    Wait.... But didn't he accuse them of drugging him when he came and breakdown Carlos?

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    Octavia Arrington

    2021-11-11 11:12:00

    Yeah what tabitha said number one. And number two they already established that they’re not blood related siblings and only stepsiblings. This also contradicts that if they have sex after their meat has died then they can continue to have sex. It’s only when they have sex as virgins that they were…

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    Fauziya Ali Mahmoud

    2021-11-10 20:01:00

    fairless girl,I so much Nyra

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    2021-11-09 07:37:00

    Lmao I love this girl

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    2021-11-08 18:05:00

    How could she end up choosing the mate when she hasn’t seen him since and Drake is constantly wooing her? This logic would only make sense if he wasn’t trying so dang hard.

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    Sarafina Bowen

    2021-11-08 12:58:00

    so you running from a dragon then work for a dragon even if you didnt know it was him why work for a dragon...sigh

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    Majdah Adams

    2021-11-08 10:49:00

    What!!!Avery is alive and Nyra has her mother still. Woo hoo

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    Regina Rena

    2021-11-08 02:47:00

    hahaaha Drake you became stupid Beast for Nyra


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