Alpha King's Substitute Omega Bride

Alpha King's Substitute Omega Bride

by : Jane Above Story

Werewolf  |  Length: 24:39:07  |  Completed
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“F**k me to death if you must, you asshole,” I sobbed. I felt defeated as I lay beneath the Alpha King’s hardened body. He was pressed heavily against me. Tears stained my features and he stared around my face, curiously. He had paused for a long moment, breathless and trembling. Just moments ago, he was ripping my custom-made wedding gown off my thin body and shredding it to pieces. I trembled uncontrollably as he pressed me against his bed, kissing every mark of my body and biting me until I bled. His dark blue gaze had gone wild and at that moment, I truly feared for my life. I feared that the night of my wedding night was going to be the end of my life altogether. The memory of the day invaded my mind as I kept thinking to myself, “how did I end up here?” *** To save her little brother, Hannah was forced to take her stepsister Amy's place in the arranged marriage, marring the cruel Alpha King, Peter. Little did she know, there will be so many dangers await her. Alpha Peter, the most arrogant, cold and strongest man in werewolf Kingdom, he accept this marriage because he needs to find his mate, as it was foretold. Only his mate can save him from his frantic fury. He has no idea that soon he finds himself falling for this little omega girl.

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Leahanne Potter

2023-02-24 00:36:25
why do all the narrators voices sound like robots the only narrator I have found to be genuin is Jessica Hall can you please fix
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