by : Fransánchez

Science Fiction  |  Length: 1:47:50  |  Completed
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A big catastrophe arrived on the humanity, has left most of the population suddenly blind. Only few ones escape to this situation. Our form of life and our daily routines disappear, we all are forced to the change. They all must choose a moral and ethical position, while some make use of its superiority situation for its personal interests, others get overturned in the disinterested help the others. The novel is divided in several histories, the same situation lived by different protagonists from its different points of view A computer programmer with low self-esteem. An observer of safety, innate hero. A blind person of birth, seller of coupons, turns out to be vital to adapt and to improve the life of clairvoyants and blind persons. A profession doctor remains a blind woman, but it does not lose the hope. What would be your option? If you do not decide, simply close the eyes.

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