Caged By My Quadruplet Alphas

Caged By My Quadruplet Alphas

by : Roanna Baleta

Werewolf  |  Length: 10:59:43  |  Ongoing
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“Assholes! If I was asked to make my last wish, I won’t hesitate to wish you death!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I’m standing at the last space on the rooftop I don’t care if I’m at the edge and one mistake of letting go of my stance might make me fall to my death. But I don’t fucking care! I feel like I have won a lottery, but trust me this feeling is better than winning a lottery. ******Elena hates one of the Quads so much, he has always made life hell for her, but before the summer break of their senior year she has a plan to payback which she did, but then the table turned when she found out she's mated to nobody but the Quadruplet Alphas.Right there she knew she is doomed, she knew she is in trouble after finding out the Quads are her mate and she tried to ruin one's life.The Quads are arrogant and the ones ruling the entire city, when Elena escaped from the city she thought it would only get better from there. But she was forgetting one thing, the Quads rule the city and they are fucking rich kids.When Elena went online on social media, she saw something that breaks all of her confidence, like shattered glasses. "Elena Deloris, anywhere I find you, I will break you. That's a promise, hold it dearly.”- Ryan French - Quad Brothers.

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