Cars And Auto Accessories

Cars And Auto Accessories

by : Owen Jones

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There are many types of cars, or automobiles, as some people like to call them. There are the ‘family’ types that facilitate our daily lives, and get us to work and the shops; then there are the work-horses, the vans, lorries and trucks, named after the animals that they replaced; and the dream cars... the Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Rolls-Royces and the like. However, a new class has arrived too – the hybrid The conception of modern hybrid vehicles with their twin engines received a rather dubious first hearing by the automotive industry and the public. The cost was incredible, and the weight of two engines in one vehicle sounded unfeasible. We all know how that has turned out, but do you know how long mankind has actually been using hybrids? It will probably surprise you to learn that hybrid vehicles were among the very first cars produced in the Nineteenth Century. However, they were not powerful, and mighty oil was looking for a niche. Oil, in the forms of petrol and diesel eventually shoved hybrids aside, and set the path for the automotive industry for 150 years. As for auto accessories, it is in mankind’s nature to customise anywhere he spends a lot of time, such as the home, the workplace and, yes, even the car. We hang things from the rear view mirror, put items on the rear windscreen shelf, and add our favourite accessories to the dashboard. It has ever been thus. I hope that you will find the information in this booklet helpful, useful and even profitable. It is relevant to the topics just mentioned, and organised into eighteen chapters of about five to six hundred words each. I am certain that it will interest people who love cars and technology, and auto accessories. As an added bonus, I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although you should rewrite them in your own words first.

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