Cooking Out Of Love

Cooking Out Of Love

by : Massimo Longo

Self-Development  |  Length: 1:10:51  |  Completed
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In this culinary book you will find 10 recipes and 2 topping recipes, all easy to prepare. I have focused on the result: here you will find only premium dishes, as I have left outside any mediocre recipe with a questionable realisation, like those that sometimes appear on certain culinary books. Moreover, you can receive help in the preparation of these dishes via Facebook messenger; just forward me any doubt or problem you have to the address given at the end of the book. All my recipes do not envisage the use of pre prepared flour mixes, as most of the time, they do not contain genuine ingredients. I will only use pure and natural flours, and I will disclose all the secrets that usually make gluten-free dishes difficult to achieve. You will not even realise that you will be eating gluten-free: I can guarantee that you will not believe your palate. Why? Because I am not gluten intolerant myself. I became a gluten-free cook for love. I cook for my wife, who has been gluten intolerant for many many years now, in order to bring her the original flavour of the products of our region, Sicily. Even if you are not gluten intolerant yourself, but you want to amaze your soulmate or maybe your nieces and nephews with a tasty dish, you have come across the right book! It is aimed at all those like me that do not have time to waste but do not want to give up on culinary delights.Here you will not find complicated preparations, odd measuring systems or long leavening times. For all those that say ”why can't I do it?”: I used to be one of those to whom cooking gluten-free seemed impossible. Forget all that good-looking on the outside, yet disgusting on the inside. I can guarantee that my dishes are fantastic both on the inside and the outside. I am not a chef, but growing up I worked for several years in a pastry shop as an assistant. Thanks to my passion, I have managed to steal all the secrets to such an amazing culinary tradition like the Sicilian one. Hence, do not expect in my dishes those embellishments typical of trendy starred cuisine. Instead, you will find only healthy and yummy dishes straight out of Grandma's kitchen. The book is organised in A4 printable format so that you can print them and attach them to your own personal cookbook.

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