Dream Mate

Dream Mate

by : Bryant

Werewolf  |  Length: 12:51:27  |  Completed
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Katrina D'Amore: I'm a human living in a pack of werewolves. Strange? Not really. Not when you consider I am the hybrid daughter of the Alpha. I just happened to be the twin that didn't get a wolf spirit. I've always assumed I wouldn't have a mate as a human. Yet since seeing Tiberius lying in that hospital bed, I've felt this strange pull to him. Could he be my mate? Or is it just my curiosity to know what he looks like under those bandages? Tiberius Bellomo: I woke up in this unfamiliar forest. I ran and ran, but I couldn't find my way out. Why can't I find my way home? My pack needs me. I have to find the Fayte sisters. I must protect them, but I'm alone in this forest—all except her. I don't know who she is, yet I do. She's my mate. I can smell her; I can hear her calling my name. But when I get close to her, she disappears. What kind of mental prison am I in? This is the third of the Incubi Pack series. You do not need to have read Alpha of Nightmares or The Hybrid Alpha to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged. Incubi Pack Books: Book 1 - Alpha of Nightmares Book 2 - The Hybrid Alpha Novella - Chosen Mate (Bloodmoon & Incubi Anthology) Book 3 - Dream Mate Short Story - Sicilian Holiday (TBD) Short Story - The Quiet Giant's Mate (TBD) Book 4 - Beta's Innocent Mate (TBD) Book 5 - Beta's Twin Mates (TBD)

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Tricia Wrabiutza

2023-03-21 10:02:19
I would love it if this series could have real narrators
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