Fish Talk

Fish Talk

by : Panagiota Prokopi

Literature&Fiction  |  Length: 1:27:12  |  Completed
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Fish talk is a story about a little fish who is born in a lawyer's office, behaves like a marionette and finds his way out of the fish tank... <br><br>A ray of sunlight tricked and slipped its way through the grey multi-storeys and rushed into Mr Pensatore’s fifth floor window and lit up the lawyer’s office. After a few moments the ray, after it had warmed the office and the water in the fish tank on the little table in front of the window, left in search of other windows. Before another ray of sunlight could reach the office a set of keys could be heard unlocking the door of the empty office and the lawyer came into the room, shutting the door behind him. He went to switch on the light but before he pressed the button he looked at the window and realized he didn’t need any more light than what was coming through the window. He went to his desk, put down his briefcase and knelt in front of the fish tank to look for his little fish. They were nowhere to be seen. He looked behind the shipwreck where they kept their eggs and they weren’t there either, so he tapped his finger on the tank, a sign of worry beginning to creep onto his face. Where could they be? He asked himself. He lifted the other hand and tapped with two fingers. Thankfully, his beloved fish appeared at the door of the tower and the lawyer smiled at them. They went straight to his finger to say hello and then rushed to their eggs.

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