Flirting With My Ex-husband

Flirting With My Ex-husband

by : Mo Mo 321

Billionaire  |  Length: 98:19:15  |  Ongoing
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Scarlett Reed had crushed on Raymond Shaw for seven years when she became Mrs. Shaw by accident one day. Everyone ridiculed her for rising to such a high status.Even so, she did not care. What mattered to her was that Raymond was finally hers. However, it was meaningless because Raymondʼs heart was not with her.She was wealthy and pretty, so why would she waste her time on Raymond, a robot without feelings?When Scarlett finally woke to reality, she directly slammed the divorce agreement in front of Raymond. From then on, she regained her freedom. He went his way while she teased eye candies.After the divorce, Raymond could see scandals of his ex-wife on trending topics every few days. She would have dinner with a certain science and technology upstart yesterday, and she would be building a family with a young hunk today???Raymond typed on his phone with one hand. “This is my woman!”Scarlett, who was living a colorful life: “Mister, who are you?”

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