Happiness: From Brain Habituation To Full Bloom

Happiness: From Brain Habituation To Full Bloom

by : Dr. COSTA P

Self-Development  |  Length: 2:29:36  |  Completed
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”If you are someone who is organized, methodical, perfectionist, meticulous and... yet you don't know what is wrong with your life, this book is for you!”<br><br>Will you be able to change your life despite the pranks of your brain? Our brain often deceives us and plays tricks on us by giving us the illusion of joy and happiness. Habituation to happiness is a phenomenon that wears down what makes us happy or joyful. In this book, you will learn about mechanisms that control our brain and understand why we are never satisfied. In short, you will decipher what creates frustration and how the five ephemeral elements of the brain work. Then, you will take charge of your life and be able to change using the five sustainable values of the brain to focus more on contentment and appreciation of the pleasant sensations offered to you by life. It is a motivational book that will help you to discover a lot about yourself. “Will you be able to do it?”

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