High Sensitivity And Mental Health

High Sensitivity And Mental Health

by : Manuela Pérez Chacón

Self-Development  |  Length: 2:36:37  |  Completed
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The interest generated by our first book on High Sensitivity has encouraged us to continue with the dissemination of the trait. This second book focuses more on the difficulties experienced by highly sensitive people as well as on the psychological abilities they possess. Knowing how to manage the trait of High Sensitivity is fundamental to achieve the maximum potential in the personal growth of the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Hence the importance of knowing how to meet the needs of highly sensitive children (HSC) from an early age. HSC children become HSP adults. Solve the issue from childhood, avoid the need for treatments later on. Throughout life, the HSP can go through transient psychological problems or disorders, derived from mismanagement of their trait. In these pages, we try to reflect real examples of people who have come to a psychology consultation looking for a solution to the ”bumps in the road”. Many HSPs discover it in the wake of one of these ups and downs in their lives. Knowing how to take the right path, choosing to have people close to them who respect the HSP trait, and learning to set limits, are the objectives most demanded by the HSPs who are treated by a mental health professional. This book aims to help both the reader, as well as the health or medical professional since, based on our experience as professional experts of High Sensitivity, we try to offer solutions to the problems that arise from being a HSP, examples of people who have gone through the same stages, as well as show some of the most common disorders derived from having this particular personality trait. Although being a HSP or HSC is not a disorder, it is necessary to learn to adapt to today's society until society becomes familiar with High Sensitivity.

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