His Alpha Queen

His Alpha Queen

by : Nani Akamai

Werewolf  |  Length: 15:22:16  |  Completed
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Kataleya Frost lives in a world where Alpha Females are considered to be a myth. A legend. Kataleya had suffered trauma when she was 18 and it changed her entire outlook on her life. She used to dream of one day finding her mate before her life changed; now she wants nothing to do with him. Kataleya's brother decided he no longer wanted to be Alpha and he had other dreams that he wanted to pursue, so he named Kataleya as his successor. Not everyone in her pack is happy that Kataleya will be taking the Alpha role from her brother and she will have to overcome many struggles within her pack in order to change how many pack members see the pack hierarchy for females. Her father always taught Kataleya and her brothers that the road to being Alpha was never easy, but will she ever be accepted by her pack? When Kataleya meets her mate, will that change her perspective on life? Will her mate be her salvation or her ultimate downfall? What will happen to Kataleya when her past comes back to haunt her, will she succumb to the painful memories or will she move past the pain in order to save herself and her pack?

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