His Broken Angel

His Broken Angel

by : BlueDreams

Fantasy  |  Length: 9:01:22  |  Ongoing
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Women wish to have a husband like Nikaulas King. Clearly, the man was madly in love with his wife for only a person who is madly in love would wed a crippled woman.But was it the truth?Angela Hernandez and Nikaulas King were married for two years. Angela loved him with all her heart but he was in love with someone else, Leah, his best friend's wife.Despite that, she hoped that one day he would take a look at her. One day he will take her name while being inside her and that one day he will reciprocate her love but what she ever got in return was heartbreak and his ignorance because, one she was crippled and second, his heart was already taken.But what would happen when one day she would reject his touch and demand for divorce?This is the story of his broken angel.The story of rejection and obsession

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